Your Guide to Choose the Best Bonsai Pots

bonsai pots

The meaning of the word “bonsai” is ‘planted in a pot or container’. Bonsai is an art of creating miniature or dwarf plants in a pot. This art form was actually originated in an Asian country. the Chinese people first used to create such tiny plants. Later Japanese adopted the art and style of growing this tiny plants.

Choosing a bonsai pot may require some knowledge. Any pot can’t become a bonsai pot. Remember the health of your tree comes first.


The material of a bonsai pot can be different. It can be plastic or metal or porcelain . Even a pot can be made by hand. But a bonsai pot that suits the tree is the ultimate one.
Porcelain is the traditional material to make a good bonsai pot.The reason is, it holds no water or it absorbs no moisture. The root of the tree adapts itself comfortably in it.

Quality and Types

There are different types of pots – Chienese , Tokoname , Japanese and handmade pots. You can choose among them the suitable one for your tree.


bonsai pots in different sizes

The size of the bonsai pots really matters

The pots can be deep or flat. What one should consider here, is how long and wide the tree trunk would be.

THe size of the bonsai tree will determine the size of the Bonsai pot

For example,if you choose a rectangular shaped pot the pot will be’two third’ of the entire tree’s height.


bonsai pots in different shapes
The shape of the pot is another significant thing to look for. The shapes can be rectangular, oval, round and square.
Then there are pots for the masculine and feminine trees. With strong or visible lines and deep ones are the masculine pots. The soft edged ones are the pots for the feminine trees.
The glazed and unglazed pots are also a thing to consider. Generally the glazed pots are used for the balance in color while Unglazed pots are used to balance the temperature of the tree.
You can go and call an experienced potter to make a good pot or you can search different websites to choose good bonsai pots. But, before that the above information should be in your head.